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Amazing Stories


Joshua arrived at New Day Foster Home on September 15, 2017. He was a tiny 6 month old in need of a liver transplant. In order for Joshua to be eligible for a liver transplant the doctors said he needed to gain weight.

However, as the months went by he did not gain weight, and sometimes even lost precious ounces because his body was working so hard. Even with increased calories Joshua gained little weight and the doctors continued to say he was too small to survive a transplant.

In spite of being underweight he was put on the list for a liver transplant in both Beijing and Tianjin.

Early afternoon on May 8th we got the call from Tianjin. He was still under weight but the doctors had decided he should not wait. We rejoiced as we rushed to get everything ready for the journey to the hospital.

After a 2 hour trip to the hospital we arrived and rushed around the hospital to sign papers, run tests, and do last minute scans before surgery. Joshua was content to be held and we told him how loved he was as we handed him to the surgeons and signed the final papers. We were told that it would be a long surgery and his weight made it more risky. The weight of Joshua in our arms was replaced with waiting and hoping.

Early the next morning we rejoiced as we heard that the 9-hour surgery went well and that he had been transferred to the ICU. Later that day he was able to be removed from the ventilator and two days later was transferred to the regular ward.

Joshua received half of a child’s liver and while we don’t know anything about the donor’s family we are so grateful that in their tragedy their decision means life for Joshua. We continue to be thankful for the miracle of Joshua’s life and though his road to recovery is still long we know that it is a road paved with hope.

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