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Amazing Stories


Lydia’s fight began the moment she was born. Lydia was born with a severe heart condition and after being found when she was three days old her life was spent in hospitals. Her orphanage contacted us asking for help, and though it was risky for her to travel we said yes.

Lydia arrived at New Day Foster Home after a long 8-hour journey. She was 3 1/2 months old, 2.6kg, and extremely sick. We rushed her to the hospital where she was immediately admitted into the PICU. Lydia needed heart surgery, but her body was too weak. She had developed pneumonia and her lungs were not functioning well. Lydia was placed on a ventilator and attempts to take her off it were unsuccessful.

Finally, the doctors couldn’t wait any longer, Lydia’s lungs weren’t improving and she wasn’t gaining weight, so her heart surgery was scheduled for April 13th. It would be risky but without surgery the risk was too high. Lydia was taken into surgery and we celebrated when the surgery was finished successfully, but knew that Lydia still had a long road ahead of her.

Finally, after being on the ventilator for 20 days Lydia was successfully transferred to CPAP. Then, after almost 2 months in the PICU we rejoiced as Lydia was moved to the regular ward.

Lydia’s fight hasn’t been easy, but this brave girl has beaten the odds and we are full of hope for her future.

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