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A letter from Joy’s mom

Please let the nannies know they did an amazing thing with Joy. Not only did you and your team bring her to New Day, prepared her for surgery, took care of her surgery – you all poured so much love and effort into that little girl, her recovery has been a true miracle. Her Pediatric Cardiologist couldn’t “get” how she has NO blockage – none. Almost all heart surgeries like hers, still have a block detectable via listening to her chest. Joy has NONE. My Karen wasn’t the least bit surprised when the Dr. told us her heart read “normal”. Karen told her, “That baby is prayed over every day and night, and has many hearts lifting her up to Him, around the world.”

When we came to New Day for our first trip – and met Joy, our lives were changed forever. Every night, Karen and I talked about adding to our family, and Karen prayed for Him to make it crystal clear – if we should try to adopt her. One of our last days there, when Karen and I were helping clean with Kai Su (from Carmel), he asked which child we were thinking of adopting. Karen identified Joy, and Kai looked at her name plate on her door, and he said “ah, Jing Jing. Do you know what that means in English? Crystal clear.” We still get bumps talking about that, every single time.

I look at Joy’s journey – she started as a seed. She was a seed when she was found, and taken to New Day, she was given everything she needed to start growing and thriving. She had food, water, sunshine – and a LOT of love. When she left New Day and came to her forever home with us, she was a sapling. Since she’s been home, she’s grown and changed so very much. All the time, reaching higher in the sky, for the Maker of the sun. Every day, she makes us laugh and smile. We can’t imagine our lives without her. As she continues to grow into a wonderful tree – every act of kindness and her heart and her generosity and love – the nannies need to know they were a huge, critical, imperative part of that.

Please remind the nannies they played part in a miracle – of saving a life, and getting that little life ready for a huge adventure (Joy LOVES adventures). I have never done anything as amazing or impactful, as what you and your wonderful team did for our baby girl. Thank you!

Jeff & Karen Hefferman

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