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Amazing Stories

This is impossible

One of our wonderful foster-families, Will and Jessica, have poured unconditional love and affection into the lives of a total of 9 New Day children (7 now adopted, and 2 currently), and they have an Amazing Story of their very own.

Back in 2012, Will began to experience stomach pains, and they were getting worse. When he went to the hospital, they discovered that he had a very concerning-looking tumor in his pancreas. An ultrasound showed that the tumor was huge, measuring 8cm by 4cm. The doctors all said that it was cancer, and most probably a very aggressive kind; in their experience, a tumor like this, especially in this location on the pancreas, had never not turned out to be cancer. They felt that it was not worth trying to do surgery, and that he should just go home and wait for a couple of months before coming back for further tests.

We prayed for Will, asking for healing, and also for provision as his family tried to raise funds for the surgery that they were hoping he would be able to have.

Will’s pain disappeared. When he went for an ultrasound and it showed that the tumor was totally gone, the technician assumed that the machine was broken. They used another ultrasound machine, but once again the tumor was nowhere to be seen. Eventually, the doctor had to admit that the tumor had indeed disappeared, saying “This is impossible”. The doctors in the department were all amazed, saying that every single time they had seen a case like this, the tests showed late-stage cancer in the tumor. “Yours doesn’t. Your case is special. I’ve never seen one like this”.

It was such a joy to see Will back with his foster-kids, driving them to school and picking them up for lunch. We had known for a long time that miracles happen here at New Day Foster Home, but we had not anticipated seeing them happen to the staff as well as the children. This Amazing Story beautifully affirms the truth of Psalm 41 “How blessed his he who considers the helpless; the Lord will deliver him in a day of trouble. The Lord will protect him and keep him alive…The Lord will sustain him upon his sickbed; in his illness, You restore him to health”.

Four years on, Will has twice been for follow-up MRI scans, both of which showed that there is definitely still no tumor. He knows that the Lord answered prayers and healed him.

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